THREE FOR BART: Buckets, Utes, Dad

  1. Looking for a shotAnd here I find myself torn. Recruiting is beast of equal parts science, self-awareness, and bullshit. You’ve got to fill your program with the pieces that will most benefit your program, your style (that’s the science and self-awareness). The bullshit is everything else. I don’t really need to go into it. So what of a kid like this? Is he worth the risk? What kind of a shot does he deserve? If he doesn’t fit your system, don’t take this risk. If you don’t project him out to be successful, you’re not going to help him be successful. But success is relative. Someone’s going to give Ruggles a shot to make shots. I just hope they believe in what they’re doing.
  2. Expectations are high for Utah basketball in 2014-15 – Usually I wouldn’t link to the beat. Not that I don’t like the beat, it’s just that there usually isn’t a ton of though provoking insight. It’s sound news aimed at informing us. This, however, has a few nuggets about just how damn big the Utes might be. We’re talking huge. So huge that Larry’s been working to move Loveridge to the three. That’s what he did in China and it sounds like that’s what he’ll do in Salt Lake. And up and down the left coast.
  3. The Dead Ball Century – Remember when I was one of the someone’s writing somewhere about baseball decline or dying? I did. Well here’s fresh perspective on why that might always be the case. Why I might be the rule and not the exception. Love you, dad.

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