THREE FOR BART: Fear, Feet, Votes

  1. Scared Sh*tless – Think about the last thing you did that really scared you. And I’m sorry to sound like a LuLu Lemon ad or a No Fear poster, but in all reality, what spooked you. I sat through Media Day and listened to Cuonzo Martin adulate on the necessity of being outside of one’s comfort zone. His presumed star, Jabari Bird, a player perhaps ideally shaped for his system, is being pushed, on the daily, to be outside of his comfort zone. Inside his comfort zone he’s safe. What’s outside that zone is unknown. It might be unsafe. I bet it scares Jabari to death. Cuonzo think that’ll make Jabari a better basketball player and I do, too. So what’s pushing you out of your comfort zone? I know I need to step out of mine. Let’s.
  2. Putting His Foot Down, Brandon Ashley’s Road to Recovery – I contributed to this story as I had the chance to sit with Brandon for a few moments on the Pac-12’s rooftop. Yes, the rooftop with views of all of San Francisco, AT&T Stadium included.
  3. Arizona picked to defend Pac-12 crown – The media submitted their votes and noted where they think everyone will finish. I’m submitting my votes to Rush the Court later next week and will post my entire ballot here. I might’ve said it last year but I want to ensure some semblance of accountability. As in, I’d like to revisit my preseason thoughts and how they measure up to the actual results in April. Shit, does this mean I’m now accountable?

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