THREE FOR BART: Kobe, Rookies, ilk

  1. Is Kobe Bryant the Reason for the Los Angeles Lakers’ Downfall? – Spoiler: Article doesn’t answer that question. But it does allow you to draw your own conclusions. It’s reporting and an interesting and well told story.
  2. All the Stars We’re Going to Know and Love this Season – These are the guys we used to know. I mean, we still do, but we got to know them as boys. Now they’re perceived as men. Seriously, just read the Aaron Gordon blurb and you learn about a teenager making teenage moves with a grownup’s bank account and in a grownup’s spotlight. But ultimately it’s just fun to learn about the characters these guys are. Read about Mitch McGary.
  3. ilk outerwear – I met Mike in a hotel in Israel. We were roommates for night one of a ten day trip and the enthusiasm that Caroline describes in this blog post is spot on. Mike is a passionate dude and he’s pouring that passion into a brand new clothing line. He’s begun a Kickstarter for this project and if you’re so inclined, check it out. I mean, winter is fast approaching and you might need to buy some gifts.

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