THREE FOR BART: Maddux, Malcolm, Landon

  1. Thirteen Ways of Looking at Greg Maddux – It’s rarely about sports. The family, friend, or even stranger next to us. Maybe even the stranger on the field of play. We’re drawn to the connection. Something bigger. And if that connection is ever broke, it’s how small we can feel. Maybe my favorite link I’ve shared on here. And note, this article has nothing to do with Greg Maddux. And everything.
  2. Malcolm Gladwell On Steve Jobs – Hereinlies a business conundrum that I often am encountered with and a phrase, whether previously used or otherwise, that I like to subscribe to: don’t let perfect get in the way of done. Urgency, Gladwell explains, was the driving force behind Steve Jobs’ success. Turns out, he did things the best. But even now, look at the release of Apple’s latest iOS – it’s not doing too hot. But here’s the thing: it’s doing. And so, transitioning to hoops, who’s to say that John Calipari’s open practice with a wink at NBA scouts is right or wrong? The fact of the matter is that it is. What about when Tony Bennett turned the pace to just above tortoise? Well he damn near won the conference. The lesson here might is to believe and do. Or, at worst, go down swinging.
  3. So Long, Landon Donovan – This title doesn’t do justice the subject matter. After months of what we saw for Derek Jeter and the subsequent prose, Donovan was transcendent. Soccer is (was?) the bastion to our athleto-politco desires of a Miracle On Ice long past. Through Donovan, we believed that the US was still an underdog with a fighter’s chance and a hidden hero in the global sense of victory. We as a nation are accustomed to winning – for better or worse. In soccer, futbol, we’ve tasted very little victory. Donovan was one of the first to let us realize that we don’t have to give up on the beautiful game.

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