THREE FOR BART: Projections, Trojans, Me

  1. Projecting college hoops’ leaders in scoring, rebounding and assists– It’s Dan Hanner and Luke Winn. Read it.
  2. USC basketball team will be fast on the court, but progress might be slower – Yesterday we read about how Bob Ryan’s gamers rarely included quotes. That he was going to tell you the story. I love that. You’ll rarely find quotes on here but that’s also in part due to a lack of access. Remember, I don’t have an inside source. But sometimes they give us context beyond both teams played hard. Here’s some validation to my USC preview.
  3. Getting Some ‘Me’ Time: Why Millenials are so Individualistic – Here’s an article all about the redefining of when and what adulthood means. In other news, I turned 30 yesterday and it should be noted that I’m not a blogger in my mom’s basement but who is stably employed. I suppose the turning of my decade should have me pondering a lot of things about myself and what it means to – I dunno – be getting older. My mom texted me that “30 rocks!” When she was thirty she was taking care of me. Am I supposed to get introspective? What am I supposed to know? How millenial cliche was that series of questions? Right now I know we’re closer to November. Right now I know I’ve run a marathon and completed triathlons. I moved out of my parents house (in 2003). I’ve kissed a girl. I’ve traveled and Coachella doesn’t count. It’s estimated that more than 98% of the time I use the correct form of their, there, and they’re. I started this thing. I have a zero career ERA at the the NCAA level. And right now I know there’s still a lot ahead. That’s pretty cool.

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