PacHoops Power Rankings: Other Wildcats that play defense

Here’s a goal of mine, let me know if you can assist. I want to see The Interview. I don’t believe this makes me unique but if there’s a will there’s a way. But I also think UCLA had the will to score against Kentucky, there just wasn’t a way. Happy Holidays everyone.

12) Washington State

This weekend, as I was somehow hopping between bars that unfathomably had no television and was frantically trying to get updates on the Washington-Oklahoma game on my phone, I had to eat something. I can’t remember the exact name of the sandwich I ordered but in its name was the word “Brock” and I made a Brock Motum reference to the waitress. She was not impressed.

11) Arizona State

Savon Goodman is now eligible for the Devils. The UNLV transfer promptly put up a double-double in his second game back. Granted, it took him 3OTs to do it and the Sun Devils still lost but it’s an impressive feat nevertheless.

10) Stanford

The Card take a week off and prepare just enough to squeak past two nominal opponents (Denver and LMU) then lose for the second straight year to BYU in a game the Cougars completely dictate. This sounds familiar because it’s the exact same results and pattern of Johnny Dawkins events we’ve seen annually. So this naturally means the Cardinal will beat Texas tonight.

9) USC

Yup, jumped Stanford. That time off and rest to just play bad basketball did not do it for me. Meanwhile, the Trojans travelled across the country and beat Boston College. Speaking of which, did you see Playing for the Mob? That’s a horrifying proposition for an 18-year-old.

8) Oregon State

I’ve been fiending for a reason to move these guys up in the rankings. So when they demolished a DePaul team that not only sucks but demolished Stanford, I had my excuse. Sure they promptly turned around and lost to Quinnipiac, but Olaf Schaftenaar scored 18 points and I love that last name.

7) Colorado

In the midst of their quarter-life crisis. Ever had one of those? They’re definitively not vacationing in Hawaii and as this team remains indentityless, I think getting away and into a situation of immediacy could help them. With that said, with yet another qualifier (could, might be, just need) written about these Buffs, are they just an OK team?


5) Oregon

Things have been quiet on the Duck front which is probably just fine in Dana Altman’s mind. The most I’ve talked about Oregon is whether or not I’d draft Marcus Mariota or Jameis. So Let me ask this question: Is Dillon Brooks (112/25 + 15/6/3) or Kevon Looney (114/22 + 14/11/2) the more impressive freshman?

4) Cal

Got a chance to watch these guys live for the first time. Was in attendance for the Wisconsin game and the major takeaways were:

  1. I didn’t realize severity of PTSD I’d incur following a Frank Kaminski pick-and-pop three
  2. Tyrone Wallace was the only player on the same level as anyone on Wisconsin (he’s really good)
  3. The Bears – particularly without Jabari Bird – are not skilled; but they do play hard and defend well. Exactly what Cuonzo wants

3) Washington

As I always remember it, Washington was the run-n-fun team that would battle Olson’s run-n-gun teams to the tune of like 96-87. Or 96-95 in 2OTs, Brandon Roy and Hassan Adams showdown. Then that stuff all went away and now they’re playing some of the best defense Seattle’s ever seen. The LoRo Revival. In semi-related news, whenever I lose a bet, I make sure everyone knows I’m super jacked:

2) Utah

I like to think this is a data driven site. I like to use math to validate assumptions and understand philosophies and actions. So can someone please explain to me why forty nine pushups?

1) Arizona

Last Friday Arizona did exactly what Andy Enfield never wants to do: they woke up in El Paso. By the time the Wildcats went to bed, however, they had made their best effort (second most TOs in a game, second most offensive boards given up, third worst eFG%, 11 missed free throws) to not be undefeated. Nevertheless, if they indeed awoke again in El Paso on Saturday, they still were undefeated and had passed their first road test.

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