THREE FOR BART: Why, Defense, Family

  1. Hope and dreams of a small town team – It’s always hard to rationalize why all of this matters. Does it really matter? I don’t think it does. But it has to because we keep coming back and people keep telling beautiful stories like this one about having a team to root for and strangers to follow because it meant ignoring the sunset or embracing your dad.
  2. Kentucky stifles Providence 58-38, could this be the season of defense? – It’s a great question especially considering last season was an historically offensive season with the new rules changes. In researching an article posting later today, I found that Lorenzo Romar’s team is allowing just 94.5 points per 100 possessions. Last season that number would’ve ranked them 14th in the country. This season? 62nd. Let’s keep an eye on this trend.
  3. Why your family drives you crazy – Put into the context of sport, think about how you perhaps shout at the television when your team does something positive or negative? Are you more reserved with compliments for your own squad? Quicker to criticize? Anyhow, I’m always going to take my team and my family over most anything else. As big of a jerk as I might be to ’em.

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