THREE FOR BART: Woj, Development, Buffs

  1. Adrian Wojnarowski: How reporting machine gets his scoopsCompetition is not exclusive to the guys in shorts and shirts. Woj – a nickname I use for simplicity and not based on familiarity – seems to have a real big agenda. But my major takeaway in this is: where’s the money? If Woj is tweeting the juice during this “Trade Rumor Era,” where  are the clicks? Websites make money when people are visiting them so it seems to me, twitter is the big winner here. That said, it would also seem that if you’re big enough, the money follows you. See the statistic on Woj’s twitter following. It’s grown nearly 10x in three years. Woj isn’t a journalist, columnist, or reporter. He’s a celebrity.
  2. On Jimmy Butler and non-linear development – I love the title of this piece and the phrase “non-linear development.” Living in San Francisco, this feels like a very start uppy term. Yet it also applies to fandom. We can’t put the cart ahead of the horse. I’m not certain that this article sheds a ton of light on this subject, but it is a nice reminder that not everyone gets better in the same way. That patience is necessary and every team needs a different something from a different player each year.
  3. Promise Keeper – So this is only Colorado’s fourth year in the Pac-12 so I’m still familiarizing myself with their history. Turns out it’s kinda twisted. I mean, no one’s family is in perfect order but this is a story about Bill McCartney and some odd twist and turns to what comes across as a fully lived life.

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