THREE FOR BART: Airplanes, Braxton, Solomon

  1. Why Airlines Want to Make you Suffer This is a devastating one. It all makes sense because it’s making cents and there’s nothing to be done about it. Or is there? I’m not even sure. I thought about driving to more places but then realized the immediacy and convenience – promptness only – of flying. It’s our fastest means. The world around us is becoming increasingly customized and personalized. Simplification and customer service are ubiquitous. The phrase “there’s an app for that” suggests everyone is trying to help us, the consumer. Why aren’t the airlines?
  2. Ohio State QB Braxton Miller Predicts Oregon to Win National Championship – This is kind of hilarious and probably not worth a complete #34b link, but it does ignite a grad transfer debate for the injured star. Isn’t UCLA losing a dual threat quarterback? Or wait, isn’t Oregon? Thinkaboutit.
  3. Solomon Hill’s Development a Silver Lining for Struggling Pacers – My man! Here’s the guy who once told me he’d never gone to Tucson’s most famous late night burrito joints because – well – because he was aiming to be a first round draft pick. And then he was. And now he’s playing (almost) like one. Hill was one of my favorite players to play in Tucson because he seemed to embody the program from the day he arrived. I don’t mean that Solomon Hill played “the Arizona way” or whatever corporate saying you might include. No. Hill arrived an overweight, perhaps overrated, freshman into a program that was out of players and overrated. Together, they worked their asses off. And one day, in June of 2013, David Stern announced Solomon, a first round pick.

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