1. Hall of Fame PED hypocrisy must end – The title deserves an AMEN. Yesterday, Barry Bonds was once again not elected into baseball’s increasingly irrelevant Hall of Fame. I tentatively use the word ‘irrelevant’ because if we discuss the merits of a HOF career every year, is the HOF really irrelevant? Perhaps. The point, however, should be that Bonds his .306/.452/.551, 3 HR in 49 ABs against Randy Johnson, the newest lefty in the Hall. This is just the tip of the stats ice berg that Bonds owns. A Hall that won’t include it’s best players is indeed famous, just not for the right reasons.
  2. What is Going on with UCLA Basketball Kyle Kensing dares to call UCLA a…well, you’ll have to read to find out. This is a very interesting take on a very unique situation. UCLA definitely ranks amongst the blue bloods. But Kensing does a great job of contextualizing that. Further, he delves into the idea of Alford’s sustainability. I’ve made it known that I don’t feel you can judge the Alford era in just 18 months. That’s absurd. Sure the program’s direction projects poorly right now. They’re in a bad place. And ya know, losing three first-rounders and two projected contributors will do that. Further, a $10M buyout screams JOB SECURITY as does two top-40 recruits locked up for the forthcoming year. Anyhow, good article, Kyle.
  3. Scientists Agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps Oh I see you adenosine. I see you every mid-afternoon. Maybe Vox needs to write us a Letter to Your Boss excusing a brief, post-espresso nap. For the sake of full disclosure, regarding my coffee intake, I’ve been making what I call an Eyeballed Americano lately and not been taking naps. This is where I put a dash of water into my mug – it has ballerinas on it and was ‘acquired’ from a previous roommate – and then top that off with two espressos. It’s a good combination from a bad coffee machine. But I’m not one to complain about having an espresso machine at the office.

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