THREE FOR BART: Utes, PC, Sidney

  1. A Deeper Look at Runnin’ Utes’ 3-Point Shooting – There’s a couple reasons to read this article by Jim. First of all, it’s good to scare yourself. I read it on a LuLu Lemon poster once and so I try to do one thing each day that scares me. Sometimes it’s what the ramifications of having a 4pm double espresso will be. Other times it’s reading about how frightening the already monstrous Utes can be from distance. Secondly, it’s a reminder that Dylan runs a great thing over at Shot Analytics.
  2. Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say – No comment. Please don’t be upset.
  3. Heartbreak fuels Renardo Sidney’s new sense of purpose – Once a can’t miss prospect committed to USC, Sidney fell off the map. I saw this story and couldn’t help but think of the recently Pac-12 departed Robert Upshaw. Sports serve so many purposes in the lives of so many people. They matter. You’ll finish this rooting for Sidney. I’m also rooting for Robert.

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