WANE: Arizona back at the head of the table

In this week’s WANE, Spencer and I return to amateur technological strength but still manage to hide none of our excitement about Arizona’s visit to the Bay (we’re going and it’s like Christmas though Adam doesn’t celebrate Christmas), the plight of the Buffalo, and why no one needs to worry about Utah. Spencer says “delicious.”

WANE (and on SoundCloud):

The Table of Contents:

0:00 – Unabashed homer excitement for Arizona’s visit to the Bay

2:18 – Cal basketball and office restroom etiquette

3:16 – JgillingYall referenced

3:51 – No one can remember the name of Cal’s non-Kravish big (Kingsley Okorah)

4:20 – …and the restroom analogy goes on and Adam miserably explains this Curb moment:

6:24 – On Arizona being happy about playing basketball.

7:36 – Utah is not overrated

11:25 – A very longwinded paraphrasing of a Sean Miller quote

12:52 – A little game of Would You Rather?

14:41 – Spencer gets a text

16:00 – This weekend, keep an eye on Brandon Ashley

17:30 – Spencer’s record last year attending AZ games was bad. Bad.

17:45 – WANE flexes its technical difficulties. Adam hears Patchy Spencer.

18:32 – Long pause.

19:45 – How does Utah project out?


22:26 – Colorado. What’s up with that?

24:08 – Adam fades to black…

26:16 – Oregon State hosting UCLA – The key to the Amoeba and Adam’s gone.

27:13 – And here you get a full minute apology from Spencer regarding technology specs and his use of the word “delicious”

2 thoughts on “WANE: Arizona back at the head of the table

  1. Good stuff. Another story line to watch is AZ@Cal. Both schools are recruiting 5 star big Ivan Rabb who will be at the game. I wonder if Miller will try to make a statement because many reports have Cal leading for him now. Also I read Xavier Johnson was sent home after the AZ game for an incident and is suspended for the Thursday game. The buffs are a mess and I wonder if Boyle might take a different job after the season. It has been that kind of year.

    1. Bud, appreciate it! Ivan Rabb is a great storyline. I haven’t read whether or not he’ll be in attendance. It’s worth noting: I will be.

      There’s a lot of smoke in Boulder but I’m really unclear as to what kind of fire. It might just be one of those years – like you said. One that really challenges how the program is operating. I don’t – highly – that Boyle leaves (if ever), but if there was ever time now could be it (ain’t happening).

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