Friday Roundup: Bear Run, Broncos, Bruins

Last night I passed on two Pac-12 games that both went down to the wire to watch West Coast Conference basketball. I went for the chance at a more traditional court storming but when it comes to pack mentality, there really is no such thing as logic. Get excited, spill onto the floor. Conversely, if you’re a coach, you can wear your jacket or take it off. I’ve long tried to track Johnny Dawkins’ tendencies here. Whatever, let’s Pistol-Hammer this Friday:

A Celebrity on the Floor

After Ty Wallace sunk the Trojans, the Haas Pavilion floor was stormed by Andy Samberg. I learned this on Twitter during my ride home from Santa Clara and – because I subscribe to the staunchest of journalistic integrity – it had to be confirmed before I could report it. You guys, I watched the Newsroom. My confirmation:

So UCLA Won A Road Game

It in fact happened and was their first of the season if we’re willing to exclude USC wins from the record. Is that going to become a thing? Probably not but it was a huge win for the Bruins and a major loss for the Cardinal. It further cemented feelings that the Pac-12 has dumped all resources into football and is entirely satisfied with a mediocre basketball product. Or maybe it just takes time?

Mid-Major Thursdays

I don’t think this will become a thing but if I’m receiving staff tickets to basketball games, I’m more than willing to attend any game you’re handing things off for. Three thoughts from the Leavey Center in Santa Clara:

1) When Przemek Karnowski is your center, you have a size advantage. When Przemek Karnowski is your mid-Major center you have a super-human. Look at it:


2) If you’re ever having hair issues, don’t bother with Rogaine or hair transplants. Just become a mid-Major, four-year guard and you’ll have flowing locks. Ron Baker and Kevin Pangos, too:


3) Every road game for Gonzaga is a vitriolic party for an opposing school and its entire staff of underlings who know that the Bulldogs are the biggest thing going in all of WCC athletics. These games are anticipated for months at a time. I imagine WCC students planning parties surrounding game week. It’s the closest thing a quaintly located and gorgeously manicured Jesuit school can get to The Grove.

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup: Bear Run, Broncos, Bruins

  1. Is the bubble soft enough to accept my, slowly improving, Bruins as conversation fodder? Bruins would be totally transformed if Johan Bolden, Wannah Bail and Jon Octeus had been deemed academically fit to wear the blue and gold…sigh. As it stands now, the shallow rotation and lack of bench scoring figure to doom UCLA against rosters that pressure our guards and pound it inside offensively – but hey, I’ll enjoy the ride and watch Coach Alford make lemonade out of this bunch. Norman Powell is stepping up as a senior leader and putting this team on his back. If the Bruins can milk a tourney invite out of this team it quiets Alford’s critics for a while. Enjoy your blog Adam, keep it up.

    1. Marc, you’re back. Good to hear from you again. I was just curious if we’d have one of your most insightful of comments the other day. I guess all it took was for some cohesion from your Bruins.

      As for the bubble – hell yeah we can talk about the Bruins on it. This is a power conference and the committee will be hard pressed to dismiss 83% of it as complete dog manure. Someone – a third place finisher – will be a part of the conversation. In the words of Snoop, “We Bruins now.”

  2. Cal stormed the court after beating a 9-13 team that is in last place in the conference. If they storm the court for USC they should storm it for every other win now.

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