WANE: Jerseys Retired & Road Trips Reminisced

Here’s our seventh episode that probably takes some monster tangents from Pac-12 Basketball namely some gross lapses in memory, a few soliloquies, zero sound effects, and the promise of a heated debate. Spencer cuts me off twice and neither instance is surrounding Bubble Watch. Maybe WANE will retire your jersey and maybe you’ll have the fortune of not sitting in the middle seat?

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In an attempt to make a 25-minute cast, we waste the first minute

1:20 – Our trip to Seattle started with Adam forgetting his wallet (temporarily) and ended with Spencer losing his keys (permanently)
2:15 – Free BART?!
3:30 – Adam spends a little too much time explaining his in-flight seating situation
4:10 – Spencer tries his best to make 25-minutes, we won’t.
4:30 – We describe the Seacats pregame scene
5:45 – We describe Alaskan Airlines Arena, as it was a first for both of us.
6:20 – Spencer calls out Adam for excessive noise. He wasn’t eating this time so it was legit.
7:10 – We still aren’t experts, but our Pac-12 social network is DEEP.
8:30 – Seattle, when sunny, is beautiful.
9:00 – Spencer’s Sunday hangover sucked, lasted until 5:30p Tuesday evening.
10:00 – Ten minutes in and we are finally talking about basketball
10:20 – Weekly BUBBLE WATCH!
11:15: Arizona and Utah are #WANELOCKS, let’s talk about Stanford. Note: Utah is now a lock on ESPN.com’s bubble watch.
11:25 – HUUUUUGE three game homestead coming up for Stanford.
12:25 – Spencer shamelessly plugs his only PacHoops.com article, which happens to be relevant here
13:50 – “UCLA who we will talk about….RIGHT NOW!”
14:10 – Brief backhanded compliment of Joe Lunardi by Spencer
15:00 – Why is Arizona State ranked 45 in KenPom?
17:00 – Two minutes later, Adam finishes his UCLA monologue.
18:10 – If UCLA sneaks into the tournament at an 11-seed, that’s a shitty 11-seed to have to play in the first round.
19:20 – Great season to Wayne Tinkle and the Beavs, but your 2014-15 at-large consideration is officially OVER!
20:00 – We don’t like the RPI
20:10: Road to a tournament bid very difficult for Oregon but a plenty-o-opportunity path nonetheless.
20:15 – Does Dana Altman have a shot at Pac-12 coach of the year or is it spoken for as Larry K’s?
22:00 – Utah @ Oregon is the game of the week, watch it.
23:00 – Seriously, that Utah @ Oregon game is huge. Especially for Arizona.
23:45 – Prediction for the tournament: 4.5 bids
24:15 – A discussion on jersey retirement. Do these guys deserve it? Are there rules to jersey retirements? Worst jersey retirements?
24:45 – Two Wildcats say a lot of nice things about James Harden, not so many nice things about his ASU teammates.
27:00 – Spencer goes off about why, absolutely, James Harden’s jersey retirement is deserved.
27:50 – ASU’s basketball wikipedia page blows, figures. Eddie House’s jersey has been retired.
28:20 – “Without looking too deep into things like….FACTS.”
28:45 – Retire jerseys early to take advantage of the legacy in progress
29:15 – On to Arizona, and the history of retired jerseys
29:45 – Spencer, who came into Arizona basketball in 2005, wonders if Jason Terry is on the same level as the other AZ retired jerseys. Adam, a T-loc, goes into a romantic prose over why absolutely yes he is a no-brainer for jersey retirement. For the sake of time, Spencer briefly considers cutting him off two minutes into this speech, but based on the speed, emotion, and dictation of Adam’s rant, feels it could spoil our friendship.
33:50 – After three minute sand change of Adam talking about Jason Terry, Spencer finally cuts Adam off. How much of this jersey retirement has to do with his NBA success? His University Ave. Which Wich location? Adam clarifies.
36:25 – What are the worst jersey retirements of all-timer? Spencer reads off some examples.
38:05 – We shot for a 25-minute cast and came up just short of 40. Sorry to our non-driving, non-desk working listeners.

4 thoughts on “WANE: Jerseys Retired & Road Trips Reminisced

  1. Good stuff again. I know to get your jersey retired at Arizona you must win national player of the year by at least one publication. I don’t know if I like this rule because I think they should also retire Damon Stoudamire and Miles Simon’s numbers as well. Also last week on the WANE and radio I heard you say the pac-12 is bad. I didn’t understand until I watched Stanford@Colorado this week. That was awful basketball played by both teams. Finally I have to say I can’t see Utah getting the road sweep this week. Everyone is saying Oregon will be tough but OSU just seems to find away to win at home.

    1. Ben – as always, thanks for listening.

      Are you sure on the nPOY at Arizona for jersey retirement? I love Steve Kerr but I’m not sure he won that. Nevertheless, it’s hard to say what earns jersey retirement universally, right? A resume at one school wouldn’t necessarily stack up at Arizona. It’s why I like the subjectivity of jersey retirement. It’s like, “You meant the world to us, we’re going to remember you forever.”

      Also, I caught some of that CU-Stan game. Slop.

      1. I was off a little Kerr wasn’t a NPOY but I found this from arizonawildcats.com, “Men’s basketball student-athletes who have been received a major national “athlete of the year” honor are eligible to have their jerseys retired.” There I found Elliot won a NPOY, Kerr won Courageous Athlete of America in ’86, and Bibby and Gardner were National Freshmen of the Year. Still I don’t think this should be a requirement for a jersey to be retired.

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