WANE: Zack Ronsenblatt of the Daily Star Joins

This week’s WANE features Season 2’s first guest and definitive expert: the Arizona Daily Star’s Pac-12 Pundit, Zack Rosenblatt. With his expertise at our fingertips, we talk long and try to get to the bottom of exactly what to make of what’s shaping up to be a poor Pac-12 season. A few highlights before The Table: POYs, Arizona, COYs, Arizona, NCAAs, stocks, UCLArizona.

Big thanks to Zack for joining.

WANE (and on SoundCloud):

The Table:


1:21 – The Pundit – How Zack came to be

2:15 – Is this Pac-12 Rock Bottom as compared to 2012 or just compared to life’s Rock Bottom?

2:49 – Zack almost swears. Adjusts. The trials of live, un-editable, delayed distribution

5:15 – And we’re onto the Dance! How many teams are going to the NCAAs? Is there anyone we’re not talking about that could or should be discussed? (no)

7:43 – So what happened to Colorado? Scott’s still out and Xavier Johnson is back, and bless Spencer for asking whether or not the Buffs could make it into the discussion.

9:40 – As a Pac-12 basketball fan…What do we watch anymore? The Pac isn’t good.

10:34 – A Bill Walton reference and that miserable reference (by Adam) of what a six-point lead really means in low possession basketball.


13:12 – In discussing exciting forthcoming Pac-12 games, Adam and Spencer announce their visit to Seattle; Zack to Mardi Gras.

13:48 – Arizona @ Utah isn’t getting the love it should. What’s up with Pac-12 on a national level?

17:21 – A mid-season conference best players conversation.

18:30 – Here’s where Adam limited the entire Pac-12 race…And sticks to it.

19:00 – Zack throws TJ McConnell into the POY mix.

20:17 – Adam says the word “sexy” wayyyyy too many times and then proposes a conspiracy theory?

22:10 – Who are some of the better bigs in the conference? Where does Rondae fit in?

24:59 – Yes. Adam and Spencer begin to bring Zack to the KenPom-side. And a discussion of ASU goes deep…apologetic?

26:04 – You should watch The Drive and Adam wrote not 800 words about it but rather 1183. Woof.

27:06 – Coach of the Year conversation. Two horse race or is Sean Miller in it, too?

30:00 – Major Texas tangent and some strong sentiments on the Longhorn program

30:48 – What was the best basketball game of the year so far in a season with few great teams and decreased scoring. Adam admits to being a Pac-12 loser

32:00 – This is what Spencer just did:IMG_7713

32:17 – UCLA: Who are they what kind of team they might or could be?

33:12 – It took only 55 seconds to evolve a UCLA conversation into a conversation about Arizona basketball.

34:29 – Kaleb Tarczewski: Spencer promises an article and Zack’s already said it, what’s up with this guy?

36:55 – Are all of the Wildcats living together again?

38:39 – An all too long discussion of Spencer’s mom. Then Adam’s mom. Then Zack’s.

40:40 – A stock buying exercise! Who’s stock are you buying?

44:48 – Definitely worth a listen to Zack’s impersonation of Dana Altman

45:34 – Spencer tries to finish the Podcast BUT WE CAN’T BE STOPPED. THREE MORE MINUTES: McKale, Vegas, Jason Terry, and the Curtain of Distraction

2 thoughts on “WANE: Zack Ronsenblatt of the Daily Star Joins

  1. Once again good stuff. I don’t know how you would do this but if you could ever get Bill Walton to do a Wane with you that would be amazing. Also sadly the duplex is gone. A few still live together but they moved from that place. Only 55 seconds of UCLA talk? Thats ok if i need to know anything about them I’ll check out Bruins nation. They are always in meltdown mode.

    1. Ben – guaranteed more UCLA talk if they knock off Stanford and Cal this weekend. If that is the case, I’d certainly put Norman Powell in a First Team (5 and 10) All-Conference conversation.

      As for Walton – 100% going to try for that to happen. Not sure where to start, but I’d love for that to happen. Thanks for listening!

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