WANE: Super Sweet times for Utes, Cats, Bruins and…Badgers?

With respect to Stanford and their impending visit to Madison Square Garden for some kNITting and ASU firing arguably their most successful coach ever, there are really only three relevant Pac-12 teams remaining. While the matchups are intriguing, the thing I’m most excited to perhaps see is a rematch of Arizona and Wisconsin for a spot at the Final Four. Spencer and I will be there for the second straight year to witness it with dear friend and Wisconsin native, Jamie aka JT aka Tails aka Badgeface (we don’t really call him the last one but whatever). JT and I were charging down I-5 for this recording. Thanks for your patience.

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One thought on “WANE: Super Sweet times for Utes, Cats, Bruins and…Badgers?

  1. By the rule of the ball needing a chance to go in. there are no changing forces (non-negligible ones) acting on the ball. Doesn’t that mean when any ball leaves the hand it either has a chance to and therefor will go in, or it has no chance and therefor it won’t? The rule worded that way makes no sense. It should be any chance to touch any part of the backboard or rim.

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