THREE FOR BART: Ball coach, Playboy, Brain

  1. Waylp, Bye: Steve Spurrier up and leftSpencer Hall honesty about the Old Ball Coach that helped him become the kind of fan he is today. And now think about it for you. When did your coach bow out? How did he go? For me it was Olson, unceremoniously and indirectly diving into the sunset. For everything he’d built, he left even more abruptly despite it’s two-year roll out. Whatever the case, ESDSBS was built on Spurrier.
  2. Playboy to Drop Nudity as Internet Fills Demand – The adage tells us that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Playboy was (is?) a pioneer in more ways than pinups. As the article notes, they’ve been on the cutting edge of journalism and art. I saw my first Playboy in my grandfather’s bathroom. Then more in my uncle’s over Thanksgiving. I didn’t read the articles. Alas, the take away from such a development is that we’re living in a completely new world of content consumption. What worked yesterday, won’t work today. Buzzfeed was pumping out asinine lists. They simultaneously have employed Pulitzer Prize winners.
  3. The Thrill of (Near) Victory (podcast) – My new commute is most conducive to Podcasts and this was the first one I jammed. It’s a brief 20-ish minutes – perfect for my walk – but more importantly provides insights into everything that matters to me: career, basketball, life. Broad brushstrokes, to be certain, but when understanding the human brain, many of these behavioral studies provides insights that can help to understand what you’re all about. The why in what you do.

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