THREE FOR BART: Pac Proof, Buffs Roundtable, Whiskey

  1. Pac-12 Basketball By The Numbers – I took offline heat for being critical of the Pac-12 Networks keeping their “marquee program” on streaming-not-broad audience distribution on Friday’s opening night. This was a reference to Arizona for which I was criticized (the argument that UCLA is the marquee name). Alas, our friends at Forbes conveniently broke it down for us – by the numbers – just who the marquee franchise is.

  2. The BSN Buffs Roundball Roundtable – Here is a monster podcast centering on Colorado Basketball. The fellas (friends of the blog) have a very fun time talking about their squad and instilling the optimism in CU basketball that I wasn’t able to convey. If you’re in the market for further Buff optimism, here’s more good.

  3. Meet the Men of American Whiskey – Squad.

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