Podcast of Champions. David and Matt from ATQ

Firsts are often celebrated and so, for the first time in PacHoops Podcast history, Spencer Smith did not join us. But the show had to go and this week I got to talk all types of sports with David Piper and Matt Рboth formerly of the fantastic Oregon blog, Addicted to Quack. David is in fact the ATQ founder and Matt was there with Spencer and I for the first Pac-12 tournament in Vegas. There are a few stories.


To synopsize¬†our discussion: football hiring, a great transition back to hoops, Oregon talk and Tyler Dorsey love, rules changes and the flow of the game, Matt rips Bryce, more on the rules and general style of play discussions, fandom, Oregon, fandom, and a promise that we’ll do it all again. Missed ya Spence.

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