Podcast of Champions. Sarah Kezele and a Valentine’s theme

This week’s guest – a favorite – has long been associated with the Pac-12 Conference. Sarah Kezele grew up in Arizona, attended its finest university, and worked at the Conference’s main offices before helping to launch its network. Then she worked for Arizona’s biggest newspaper, the Arizona Republic (which I was once featured on the Sports Section’s cover page, NBD), and has now moved to be Campus Insider’s WCC correspondent. Sarah joins the podcast formerly known as WANE (we are not experts) as a clear expert. She’s really the best.

What’s unique to this podcast, however, is it’s Valentine’s Day theme. Spencer and I are both single and the closest to a gift we’ll receive is an Arizona sweep of the LA schools. The closest to a gift we’ll give is this podcast, to you, with Valentine analogies for every Pac-12 team.

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