Podcast of Champions. All of the conference things with Will Whelan

You can’t do a season ending, superlative awarding, off season teasing, Las Vegas previewing, Westwood questioning, NCAA forecasting podcast without going like 90-minutes deep. We did it. We did it with Will Whelan of BSN Denver – who you need to Twitter follow – and doesn’t that make sense? We’re at peak college basketball and consequently at peak Podcast.

I’ve given an outline of topics below that we capture in a fashion that roughly resembles the aggregate season rankings I compiled. Which isn’t to say we’re disjointed but rather so deeply in with this season that – yes – we call UCLA the biggest disappointment and also worth putting a few bucks on to win Vegas. The classic sleeping-disappointment. Oxymoron isn’t for the faint of listening. Beware. Good pod. Subscribe and review (please).

Topics overview:

  • Week in review
    • Team
    • Game
    • Player
  • Pac-12 conference awards
    • POY
    • COY
    • FOY
    • GameOY
    • DisappointmentOY
    • SurpriseOY
  • Favorite in season storyline
  • Vegas sleepers
  • Vegas favorites
  • NCAA seeding

One thought on “Podcast of Champions. All of the conference things with Will Whelan

  1. I just got done watching the Oregon ducks game against Arizona. Excited for the win, but disappointed in Bill Walton announcing the game. He is so negative in what he says calling the game. He was terrible announcing in the NBA and now we get to listen to him bash his home state teams. I understand you need to be even when calling a game, but he has absolutely nothing positive to say about any Oregon team, college or NBA. I would rather not have the sound on during his next game announcing than listening to him give his opinions and comparing college players to his NBA days. I hope you can make some changes in the line up of who calls the games. As far as I’m concerned, the PAC 12 is done with Mr. Walton.

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