PacHoops Power Rankings: Late to the game

Power Rankings are rooted in the present, an expression of immediate results accounting for only the current taste on an evaluator’s tongue. The best of PR’s are a declaration of recency bias, rationalized the facts, figures and stones.

Here’s my recency bias without recently posting any Power Rankings. Also, the following, unless noted as an opinion, consists of no alternative facts.

1. Arizona

Here is my Friday night drinking alone at San Francisco international in photos and tweets:

2. Oregon

If you pay attention to the national scene, Oregon was the golden goose of the west and then they lost twice before Thanksgiving and everyone quit. Since that Georgetown loss, however, their efficiency differential (raw, not adjusted, so harp the SOS in my DMs) is a savage 28.9. In conference play, that differential is 30.9 and your team’s isn’t. They lead the Pac in offensive and defensive efficiency.

And Dillon Brooks is in a walking boot.

3. Utah

Kyle Kuzma since loss at Arizona on 1/5: 19ppg, 12rpg, 3apg, 56% FG%, 40% 3FG%.

Lorenzo Bonam since loss at Arizona on 1/5: 16ppg, 4rpg, 5apg, 67% FG%, 43% 3FG%

And Dillon Brooks is in a walking boot.


Want to know why UCLA is fourth? Watch TJ Leaf:

5. California

According to Synergy Sports and my advanced intellect, here is where Ivan Rabb ranks (nationally) in the number of double teams he faces: 3rd in doubles per game, 4th in total doubles faced. He second defender approcaches Ivan on 22% of his possessions (up from 12% last year) where he’s scoring 0.987 ppp (well above average).

6. USC

7. Stanford

If basketball is evolving to be more jump shot friendly then it doesn’t bode well that – according to Synergy Sports data – the Cardinal rank 335th in points per jump shooting possession at 0.805. Conversely, UCLA leads the nation at 1.232. That means that if a jump shot is taken, UCLA is scoring nearly 1/2 a point more than Stanford.

8. Washington State

The Cougars are the third worst offensive rebounding team in the country. That’s at least by rate but considering their average pace, I thought we could see exactly how many offensive rebounds they’ve obtained: 95. Of which Josh Hawkinson has grabbed 37%.

9. Washington

Fultz or Ball? Let’s discuss.

10. Arizona State

11. Colorado

Cal fans: If you’re curious what the aftermath of an All-American caliber big man looks like, Colorado is 0-7.

12. Oregon State

Will not be featured on CBS’ February 16th show.

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