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The Week of the Fan

The Week of the Fan is upon us.

There are no games worth watching this week if you have perspective and realize that streaming a radio broadcast of Thursday’s un-televised Oregon State-Howard game is too much.

Wait a tick: I just linked you to that broadcast and I’ve listened to a game alone in my living room on radio only and one time even sat in a Starbucks, earbuds plugged in, table slapping and fist pumping my way through the Idaho State radiocast of Arizona’s 2010-11 season opener.

Being a fan, as I elaborated yesterday, is far from rational and lacks perspective. It’s like our brief window of irresponsibility, it’s great.

Hence, with finals on campus and subsequently few games (just seven mid-week games) I thought we could spend the week profiling ourselves. Talking about fans, what it means to be one, why it’s great, why it’s painful, the memories and tragedies.

We also find ourselves at the end of the year and self-reflection never hurt anyone.

In the meantime, here are some phenomenal fan perspectives:

  • No one’s ever going to question a hockey fan’s dedication. Proof you shouldn’t.
  • We’re all fans, whether we’re playing or not. Stanford’s Dan Grunfield writes well on “The Shot.” More to (possibly) come on this game.
  • This one is self-promotional but if you’re an Arizona fan, we did this one right.
  • And nothing discussing fans would be complete without this (link me to other team videos):