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THREE FOR BART: Bioethics, Arrests, Joe

  1. Players union looks at data protection – One of the most interesting classes I took in college was genetics. It was miserably hard but Ali and I passed notes and next weekend I’m going to her wedding. It’s going to be great but I digress. What became evident in this class and the other biology classes I took was the issue of bioethics. If my entire DNA is mapped, what do I do with it? Can insurance companies refuse me coverage because I’m predisposed to X, Y, or Z? We’ve noted it before but as we become privy to more and more data, what are we going to do with it? The closing quote from the attorney well versed in bioethics is very interesting. Parts of this remind me of a clause the Chicago White Sox once pulled on Frank Thomas – a diminished skills clause. They got out of his contract. What if teams began to data mine for specific trends that would suggest a player’s diminished skills? Or an impending injury? And when this trickles into the college ranks, what of all that talk about guaranteed scholarships? Continue reading

THREE FOR BART: Class, Winning, Yelling

  1. What it was like to cover Derek Jeter – Maybe you’re sick of me pumping this guy’s story – Jeter that is. And maybe you can’t wholly empathize with me that his retirement – as well as Paul Konerko‘s who is from my home state and played for the most storied HS program in the State that my HS team may or may not have beaten 14-2 in the 2002 state Semi-Finals – is the end of an era. I really don’t see a changing of the guard. This was baseball’s last link to what it once was. When it swept me up. And maybe you, too. I’m about to enjoy the hell out of the baseball playoffs. October is great. But this Jeter stuff struck a chord and recounting the “class act” we all lauded him to be (gift baskets aside), well, it just adds to the legend. I wrote it somewhere once that sometimes greatness can be just showing up. Jeter always showed up.
  2. How to always win at rock, paper, scissors – Beyond being an interesting story, this highlighted for me different ways to approach competition or even a problem. You don’t just win one way. This reminded me of a previously #34b link about the More Than One Way to Skin the Efficiency Cat. So I beg you: Think critically. And at the same time I suggest you just go for it. Sometimes greatness is just showing up.
  3. When is it OK for a coach to yell? – Honestly, the article doesn’t really answer the question. Read to get your own takeaways but yelling I can tell you this: Yelling is something you can’t fake. The scariest ‘conversations’ I ever had with coaches were when they were quiet and deliberate. We usually had to run a lot after those ones. We had to run a lot after the loud ones but those sometimes felt more like, “This again? What’d we do now?”

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at: pachoops25@gmail.com

THREE FOR BART: DJ, Pedro, Stroke

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at: pachoops25@gmail.com

  1. I Still Want to Hate Derek Jeter but I Never Will – I wrote this three years ago and it still holds true. The DJ love doesn’t mean anything about Jeter or where he lives in the history of baseball. It’s where he lives in our histories. Baseball has changed. It’s different. The next article cites the dramatic changes the game has gone through in the last 15 years. And Derek Jeter was in the middle of all that change. Jeter isn’t just retiring from baseball. He’s forcing us to recognize that we’re going to have to recognize change. Sometimes change sucks.
  2. Dear Clayton; Love, Pedro – And this is why Grantland is fantastic. For the record, I think Kershaw is great. But as we’re recognizing bastions of the past – the retirement of Derek Jeter – then let’s recall Pedro’s relief appearance against that vaunted Cleveland lineup in 1999. He was relieving because he’d previously been injured and his team was on the ropes and then they weren’t because Pedro threw six hitless innings. Pure pitching guts. My favorite.
  3. I Had a Stroke at 33 – Completely unrelated to the aforementioned articles but this is both a haunting and uplifting first hand account of being unable to account things first hand.

THREE FOR BART: K, Efficiency, Captain

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at: pachoops25@gmail.com

    1. Krzyzewski responds to Team USA criticism – K SHOTS! I didn’t fully understand the K attacks in the initial article because 1) things didn’t really seem to be directed at him so much as at his empire, 2) USA basketball isn’t really all that interesting unless there’s Gold involved. FIBA doesn’t hold a candle to those NBC broadcasts. Anyhow, the takeaway here is success begets success. I want to play and work with winners. So do you. After all, that’s why you read PacHoops.
    2. More than one way to skin the efficiency catMy favorite take away was that we remain open to the conversation. I was long averse to advanced stats because the dialogue surrounding them was absolute, limiting to the conversation. Understanding the game beyond the box score has been a great asset to my fandom but it doesn’t make me or better, worse, or otherwise fan. It just helps me understand the game on a different level. It allows me to recognize the process of how my team wins or your team loses.
    3. It’s my hope that you’re as cool as The Captain this weekend –