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THREE FOR BART: Gambling, Satire, Pac-12 preview

  1. DraftKings, FanDuel are illegal gambling websites, N.Y. AG rules, must cease operations – My initial linkage was to a Washington Post synopsis of this story but good grief it was the most egregious display of advertising popups I’ve ever seen. I’d rather the forced quiz I’m taking for smaller news outlets. It looked like Don Draper threw up on the page. So instead I’ll link to – goodness the Sun Times is the same boat! Here’s Wall Street Journal analysis. Cease and desists have been sent. I find this case interesting but not fascinating. It’s ultimately another case of a smart business being more agile than governance and regulators (Uber? AirBnB?) in a technological climate that’s well equipped to move and adjust rapidly. This one, however, isn’t meddling with cabbies and hotels, their meddling with sin: Gambling!
  2. Gonzaga Fires Mark Few, Cites Poor “In-Game Coaching” – I am so sorry I didn’t link to this beautiful piece of trolling satire sooner.
  3. Five minute season preview: Pac-12 – Absolutely worth the read considering: 1) I’m releasing my conference preseason standings and superlatives today and I don’t agree with all of this, 2) Eisenberg is a UCLA grad, I believe a San Diego resident, and definitely a West Coast guy.

THREE FOR BART: Grantland, Gambling, Shrimp Boy

  1. The Drama Continues at Grantland – I haven’t found the Simmons drama to be that interesting. To be clear, I follow. I’m a Simmons fan and he’s indubitably a pioneer to what hacks perhaps like myself attempt. But these stories often feel like much ado about nothing. A guy isn’t getting along with his boss(es). So what? Obviously the stage is far bigger than ‘Phyllis and John’ bickering in Accounts Payable, but this is something we’re familiar with. It is interesting to see how upset Simmons seems to get people in high places (which James Andrew Miller extensively explores). Also, the general tone around all of this is that ESPN is the asshole, Simmons just the whiner.
  2. It’s time to stop being stupid about sports gambling –  While it’s still around, thought I’d at least link to a Grantland piece. They’ve historically been good. This one is by Charles Pierce who often brings perspective to obtuse subjects. In this case, it’s the daily gambling sites FanDuel and Draft Kings. The Pac-12 has asked to not be a part of it while other major sports are cuddling up to these unregulated and “legal” entities. Read what Pierce thinks and get back to me because this is a great topic for a night cap. Scotch?
  3. Shrimp Boy’s Day in Court If you get around to reading this story about Shrimp Boy – a notorious crime boss in San Francisco – I’d be curious to hear your opinion. In my circles (non-criminal), the lore of Shrimp Boy is hysterical. This is a bully and a gangster known as “shrimp boy.” I suppose the cruelest realities are ironies. Nevertheless, I thought the article jumped around to the point that I wasn’t sure what stage in all of his legal troubles Shrimp Boy was in? Was he free or about to stand trial? Is he relevant considering new charges or because he’s a fascinating tale? Read it. Has nothing to do with Pac-12 basketball or sports although Cal is mentioned.

THREE FOR BART: Louisville, Pac-12 Basketball, Zito

  1. Former Louisville recruit about his visit: ‘It was like I was in a strip club’ – Sportscenter was moved up an hour this East Coast morning to break this story. If that doesn’t suggest that this is a big deal – college basketball moving ESPN programs in the heart of NFL season – then let me tell you its time to start paying attention. Katina Powell, no matter what you think of her credibility, has been vetted by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist (Dick Cady). Even if you think she’s 90% full-of-it, then 10% of her allegations are true and wild at that. Her television appearance begins to name names (we love names, right? Russ Smith, Motrezl Harrell – players with championship rings). Alas, this isn’t about the players, it’s about those at the helm and the age old question: How much did he know? As in, which of these allegations – if true or even partially true – did Rick Pitino know about? Further, who was indeed propagating this? Andre McGee is the most named culprit, a graduate assistant at the time (now an assistant at UMKC). And maybe these aren’t the right questions at all? Sure we’re fascinated by college basketball and scandal in general, but what of a mother shopping her teenage daughters like this? That’s a sad reality amongst all of this as well. This isn’t a good story – for anyone – and its likely only to get worse.
  2. Things we think we know in the Pac-12 – Fellow Pac-12 blogger, Andrew Murawa, takes his first crack at 2015-16. In this post, Drew runs through some of the knowns and unknowns of the Pac-12 season. It’s a great composite of the innumerable questions begging to be answered about this odd Pac-12 season. It additionally begs the question: Don’t we know nothing? Is that why we like college basketball? Is that why other people hate it? I think about these things.
  3. What Baseball Taught Me – A lot of thoughts here but namely that the early-2000s A’s were the reason for the only piece of baseball paraphernalia that I own: A green Oakland A’s cap. Now this Player’s Tribune (a hit-or-miss publication) piece by Barry Zito takes a turn I didn’t expect but it’s thoughtful and bold. In there he writes, “At some point, even in the ethers of their mind, everyone has thought that they could maybe, just maybe, square up a 90 mph fastball.” I’m here to tell you: You cannot square up to a 90 mph fastball. Neither can you throw one.