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BB: Nick Johnson is a Winner

Arizona would not have scheduled the Florida Gators if they didn’t think they could win.

They traveled to Gainesville to win and the Gators will travel to Tucson next winter to win. Everyone wants to win but only one team will. Boom: sports fact.

Wednesday night we learned Nick Johnson wants to win.

Amidst the distractions of suspensions, dismissals, starting at point guard for the first time perhaps ever, and playing in one of college basketball’s most hostile environments, Nick Johnson fought.

It wasn’t his best game. He made just two of his eight shots; he coughed the ball up five times including once in the waning seconds of regulation; and he couldn’t stop a sorority girl from getting to her flavored vodka let alone a Florida guard.

And I bet you he’s pissed.

Losing sucks and he sure as hell didn’t want to lose last night. In spite of the distractions, the position he played, and the court he was on, Nick Johnson wanted to win and made no bones about.

It was fun to watch the hoppy young man compete. Sure, he got punched but he wasn’t down. He played thirty five minutes of hard nosed hoops, came up short, and will learn. He’s the poster child for what Sean Miller wants his teams to be: tough, gritty, in-your-face, and allergic to L’s.

So consider me – not shockingly – on the Nick Johnson band wagon. Whether he’s playing his natural two-guard, point guard, or center I want him on my team, competing. Because winners win, and there’s a lot of that in NJ.

And if you’re still not on the bandwagon. Not convinced Johnson wants to win more than others, willing to do anything to get to a final four and earn himself a ring, then at least appreciate this. (UPDATE: watch video below, notice when Johnson sits and when Florida shoots free throw)

In the everlasting words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game.” Nick Johnson does just that and I’m a fan.