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Week 14 PacHoops Pac-12 Power Rankings. And the Dunk Contest.

While the Power Rankings are getting harder and harder to build, the Dunk Contest (and even parts of the skills competition) were chalk full of Pac-12 representation. And its less about who won the subjective award, but more about ohmahgawd what’d he just do moments. There was plenty of it (and Oregon got swept in the Bay).

Alas, we find ourselves with co-leaders heading into the homestretch and I find myself in sub-zero temperatures in Boston, MA. I watched a lot of movies over the long weekend.


1. Arizona

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THREE FOR BART: Magic, Klay, LoRo

  1. 1990s Orlando Magic Oral History – You know about Lil’ Penny and the emergence of Shaq and the pinstriped unis. What you maybe don’t realize – or remember – is the heartbreaking downfall of this dynasty that never was. For me, I can’t tell if it’s a mort shattering loss than a college season. In the pros there’s always “next year” particularly when you have a nucleus like Shaq and Penny. Read how these guys talk about what they thought that team would accomplish. Conversely, as college fans, you know the size of your window. You recognize about exactly how much time you have to make some noise and it’s usually just one or two years. Is losing in the known window more upsetting than the sudden disbanding of great promise?
  2. The Other Guy: Klay Thompson on His Sensational Season – The Pride of Pullman (does anyone call him that?) is a Splash Brother and poised to make the biggest splash. There’s a line from the above linked Magic history, “… great players are made in the playoffs.” And isn’t it true? We remember the plays made on the biggest of stages. He had a great season, but great players are made in the playoffs. Can you name the owner of these career best single season numbers? 12/5/4. That’s Robert Horry’s best single season. It was in 1995-96 for the Houston Rockets, the season following his 18/10/4 NBA Finals performance against…the Orlando Magic. I’m not saying Klay Thompson is Robert Horry – he’s probably better – but we remember and forever celebrate our win-or-go-home heroes.
  3. Lorenzo Romar talks transfers, recruiting, job status, during interview with Sports Radio KJR – It’s tough to paraphrase this thing because it’s a lot of pretty honest responses from Lorenzo. I appreciate how he approaches some of the tough questions like, “Should you have a job?” or “Why did your best player leave?” As a Romar fan, I’m conflicted by the UW situation. It’s hard to give as much leash in a scenario that was seemingly so good awhile ago. How can Romar tell us that his return to greatness will be based on recruiting when he failed at recruiting for three years? Alas, if he won’t guarantee a tournament appearance (and he shouldn’t) I’m not soon to give the Dawgs a staunch vote of confidence. Time – like in all matters – will tell.

Washington State Q&A with CougCenter’s Jeff Nusser

When it comes to fandom, sports understanding, and humanity, you don’t have to follow a blue blood program to know a sport. Jeff Nusser does hoops. He does far more (better) than HOTTAKES for the power site he co-founded, the fantastic WSU blog, CougCenter.

And so he’s a fan of a program in change while he watches golden boy, Tony Bennett, dominate the ACC from across the country. Yet we must look forward and in doing such we find Arizona looming on the eve of President’s day (worth noting: growing up in Tucson we got Rodeo Break, not President’s Day. Fact). Cougars versus Cats and Jeff kindly and witfully catches us up on all things crimson and grey.

Thanks, Jeff!

Months ago, before nary an Ernie Kent game was coached, you seemed less than optimistic surrounding his summer on the recruiting circuit. We’ve now got a little time under our belts, how are you feeling about Ernie the recruiter?

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PacHoops Power Rankings: Good Weather

In New York they postponed two basketball games due to weather. As a reminder, basketball is played indoors, presumably a weather protected sport. In Brooklyn, they’re not playing indoor basketball because of weather. Meanwhile, I spent my Sunday at the beach. I went to Cal and Stanford in jeans and a shirt. A light jacket was in tow and today I’m lightly sunburnt, sunkissed if you will (don’t tell my dermatologist brother). So while the Pac-12 is maybe only getting three teams in this year’s dance (although I do discuss Oregon State’s chances below, HBD Tink), the Conference of Champions wins. Because while winning isn’t everything, neither is winter.


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