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THREE FOR BART: McCandless, Miller, Mark

  1. How Chris McCandless Died – Today I’m going to go to a bar. It’s usually pretty popular for Wildcat football games. I’m going to watch the Arizona-Oregon game and I don’t really think the Wildcats will win. But they might. And the following night I’m going to go to Yom Kippur services. I’m not religious at all. On Thursday and Friday I’m going to attend public events for which not a lot of greater believe will be flowing from me. That’s not necessarily important to me. What is important is that I’m going to be connecting with people. Wildcats cheering me, Jews wishing me a good year. Chris McCandless, if you’ve read Into the Wild, journeyed – well – into the wild only to die alone and to discover that that the world is best shared. I appreciate his spirit of adventure, the kid had some guts, but I’d rather share the adventure. Learn to love the stranger I find along the way. McCandless did. But he couldn’t appreciate the connection. We’ve all got to find our own paths, figure things out for ourselves, but we don’t have to do that alone.
  2. Q & A: Sean Miller has deep roster, just needs to ‘sort out chemistry’ – On a lighter note if you’re an Arizona fan, things are looking really good – again – in Tucson. Was just discussing this article with a colleague. We noted Miller is slow to compliment. He won’t always glowingly sing the praises of his players. I even looked it up and his kindest remarks about Aaron Gordon were generally about his attitude. In this article, he says Stanley Johnson is “going to be really good for us.” Digest.
  3. The Quiet Genius – In our previously posted #34b, we discussed the greatness of showing up. Mark Helfrich has done a helluva job showing up. What’s more is profiles like these humanize these men we often revere as saintly and unattainable. Does Nick Saban seem to have one relatable characteristic? No. But Helfrich strikes me as an everyman. Who also happens to be at the reigns of one of the most high powered football programs in America. I’m not sure there’s really a Pac-12 basketball equivalent but I will say I get the impression that Steve Alford is taking a Helfichian approach. I’ve liked how he’s handled that program to date, keeping things minimally flashy in the face of both Andy Enfield’s brashness and the magnitude of his role.

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Football: My Questions for Pac-12 Football Media Day

Today is Pac-12 Football Media day. It is being held in Los Angeles and all twelve teams are reportedly in attendance. There’s already been media buzz about the Conference of Champions as Arizona’s Hard Edge series has drawn attention and Mike Leach was Mike Leach.

But today, of course, marks the pageant. The day the conference rolls itself out on their own accord, putting their best foot forward to jump start the 2013 season.

Now please note that I am not in attendance. I will be in SoCal today but not Los Angeles. I do, however, have questions for the leads of this conference’s football teams. And if I were at media day, I probably would not ask these questions. But a boy can dream.

Follow the whole thing on twitter. The prescribed hashtag is #Pac12FB.

Pac-12 South Questions:

For RodriguezIt’s rumored Javier Bardem has signed on to play the villain in Hard Edge III. Can you confirm this?

For Graham –  [audible chuckles] Pittsburgh [audible chuckles]

For WhittinghamWhy did Urban do that to Aaron? Too soon? Too soon. Duly noted Mr. Whittingham.

For MacIntyreYou turned around a 2-10 San Jose State team in two seasons. You now inherit a 1-11 team. What the f*** were you thinking?

For Mora – Comeon…you guys threw that regular season finale to the ‘Furd didn’tya. Didn’tya. AMIRIGHT SIMERS??

For KiffinWhat’s Layla doing today?

Pac-12 North Questions:

For Shaw – Can you please just state your name and title as smugly as possible? Repeatedly.

For DykesIs your last name real? Nonono, I’m kidding. But seriously? No I’m joking. Bear Raid, huh?

For HelfrichBorn in Eugene and now the Head Football Coach at Oregon, who do you think will be the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback?

For Riley – Coach…any thought to losing the pleated pants look? It’s 2013.

For Leach – Go. Just start talking.

For Sarkisian – You named your boat “Noah Sark.” Great play on words. But does it infer you are escaping irreparable evil deeds and the world is about to end? **cough cough…ChipKelly…cough