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Multiple Reasons for Optimism in Haas Pavilion

The Cal Bears lost their heart and soul and the theme of 2012-13 could be trying to find a replacement for Jorge’s heart. But Allen Crabbe’s really good so…

  1. Crabbe Cakes – This is the year. It’s his team and he’s really good at basketball and I want to see Allen Crabbe do insanely awesome things on the court. He can.
  2. Cobbs Salad– He’s better than Jorge. Boom, I said it and the numbers have my back.
    Cobbs Jorge
    ORtg 112.9 103.6
    eFG% 50.8 47.9
    Arate 29.5 25.2
  3. Skipper – Mike Montgomery is the winningest coach in the Pac-12 because he’s a really good coach. He’s reason for optimism every time a Cal team takes the floor.
  4. Grades – Richard Solomon’s got good ones! Or at least passing ones and Monty thinks the experience has matured him. So you’re telling me Cal has a mature, athletic, 6’10” big man to play in front of Allen Crabbe and Justin Cobbs?
  5. Bak Bak – The name.
  6. Robert Thurman – The Thurmanator. This nickname was confirmed to me by Allen Crabbe.
  7. My Broken Record – If you follow this blog, you’re going to quickly find out just how much I love college seniors. There’s so much romanticism to their play, their mortality revealed, everything left on the floor. Look, I’m going to get hyperbolic with it. Every time. Brandon Smith has a shot to be that guy for these Bears. He’s played in a multitude of roles from starter to scrub and now is his time to be the glue that makes this team come together.